Whether you’re a seasoned professional blogger or you’re just trying to get the word out about your writing on the web, you need a plan to spread your message to the world. Today’s contributor, Jamaica Sanchez, offers a few words of advice on planning your online content strategy to reach as many readers as possible.

Your content strategy is your blueprint for getting your writing out to the world.

Your content strategy is your blueprint for getting your writing out to the world.

If you’re just entering the world of online writing, you might be asking yourself right now, “What exactly is content strategy? And why does it matter to me?” That’s just what I want to help explain to you today.

Content strategy might not be the answer to all the world’s problems, but it can offer great help to aspiring writers and digital marketers alike. The right strategy allows you to relay valuable information to readers, while giving your writing reputation a boost. In this article, we will talk all about content strategy and why it matters to writers who want to market themselves online.

So what is Content Strategy?

Your content strategy is your way to get your target reader’s attention and encourage them to become loyal followers. The goal here is to get positive response and of course, a positive return on investment. Another way to put it is that the content strategy is your way to communicate with your potential customers in a format and tone that is relevant and enticing to them. Always keep in mind that your information should be helpful to them. How do you do this? By building and marketing your own personality, engaging with readers, and intently improving customer experience.

A good content strategy has three essential parts that allow you to continually produce valuable content directly targeted to your readers:

1. Alignment

If you are carrying a certain brand and marketing it through your blog, make sure that your branding aligns with your business objectives. So if you’re trying to sell your series of teenage vampire novels? Keep that consistent throughout your site. Decide how you should present your profile and keep everything in the content, including text and media elements, consistent in order to create and perform a robust content strategy.

Of course to do this, the first step is to know your target market. It would be too wasteful if you publish great content without knowing the market you are addressing your content to. People would find your article more useful if they feel like you are directly speaking to them and answering their concerns.

2. Format and Tone

Once you’ve aligned the content with the brand, the next thing you need to do is make sure that you set the format and tone to suit your target audience’s needs. Depending on your audience, you should be able to have a good design of your page and also be able to place content like videos, pictures and text in the right positions. Some authors do this by publishing their works on the web through pdf, and there’s been a lot of discussion lately on ebook conversion services which can further market content to online viewers and customers.

For the tone, as a content producer, your article should be engaging, as well as easily comprehendible. It should be pretty straightforward but also include enough hints to hook readers to your published content. This way, they’ll check back in with you another time. As a writer, your job is to pique the reader’s mind and get them to stick around.

3. Relevance

It is very important for you to research for the right and most relevant keywords. You can use free tools such as Google Keyword Tool in Analytics to know the different commonly used keywords in your market and get ideas from there. When you insert relevant keywords within your articles, not only will search engines rank your content on top of their page but users themselves will also find it easier to land at your page. The result is increased traffic and more credibility.

Content Strategy and Social Media Marketing

Finally, consider using social media to boost your reach. And by that I don’t just mean posting links to your page to Twitter. For instance, Google Authorship will link your blog to your Google Plus profile, and can make your articles even more shareable and encourage more interaction. People can share and recommend your articles to their circles and everyone can comment, creating buzz for your content on the web.

Many writers nowadays utilize different content marketing strategies to continue reaping great benefits for their content. Developing a content strategy will help generate leads and improve branding efforts. Without meaningful content, your social marketing profiles and blog accounts may not be valuable to your key audiences. Thus it is essential to create and deliver useful, usable content and articulate it in a way that increases potential customers’ awareness of your offerings, brand and company.

About the author: Jamaica Sanchez is a web editor with solid experience. She is an advocate of cloud computing for improved work efficiency and performance. She also has a passion for dancing, cooking and playing golf. Follow her on Twitter or Google+.