The contest is now closed!

Thanks to everyone who entered. :)


Hi everyone. Since we first started putting this site together about a year ago, there’s been one thing Lauren and I have really, really wanted to do…

Hold a writing contest AND give away a cash prize to one lucky aspiring writer!

We want send us your stories!

We want YOU…to send us your stories!

So here are the details:

  1. Lauren and I will be judging — and we’ll be awarding our favorite story a $100 USD prize. We’ll publish the best story and the runners up on the “creative writing” section of our site.
  2. Your story can be in any genre, but it must  be 1,000 words or less, and it must be based on one of our creative writing prompts. Click here to see the list of past prompts. (You may also use a prompt from our free ebook, “A Year of Inspiration: 52 Writing Prompts From The Renegade Word.”)
  3. You may submit no more than 2 stories to the contest. We want everyone to have an equal chance.
  4. There is NO fee to enter!
  5. You have until midnight, PST on August 31st, 2013 to submit your entries.
  6. You can submit your entry by registering on our forum and starting a new thread in the “2013 Writing Contest” section. Include the title of the story, the prompt you’re basing it on, and the story itself. (You keep all your rights to your work, by the way. Reprint it wherever you like.)
  7. Writers from anywhere in the world are welcome to enter, because we’ll be sending you the prize via PayPal.
  8. We will announce the winner on the site and by email in mid-September (tentatively on the 16th). So sign up for our mailing list if you want to be notified.
  9. One last thing: to prevent conflicts of interest… Our past and present mentoring clients and Renegade Word contributors aren’t eligible to participate. Sorry if you fall into one of those groups!

So now it’s time to get writing. We’re looking forward to seeing your stories. :)

PS: If you have any creative friends who might be interested, go ahead and share this post! The more the merrier!